What is a Healer and what form of energy healing do you follow?

A healer is someone who is able to work with the human energy field and help your body find its way into the balanced flow of energy.  The healer does not “do” the healing.  The mind-body-spirit has a natural, self-healing capacity. The healer simply plays the role of a “catalyst”.  A healer helps you remember who you truly are and  facilitates your own self-healing capabilities.  There are many different modalities to energy healing.  I follow the BARBARA BRENNAN HEALING SCIENCE® Modality and my own healing methods and inner guidance.

What is 'Energy' healing?

'Energy Healing' is a  highly specialized complementary health care modality.  This non-invasive hands on healing system works primarily with the human energy field of the body in the same way that physicians direct lasers to heal affected areas of the body.   spiritual healers access this universal energy field to heal pain and suffering. When one organ begins to heal, the other organs use this released energy to activate and release their own inherent energy, which in turn promotes physiological equilibrium and relief from pain.
According to  Barbara Brennan, Hands on Healing or the Brennan Healing Science®, it is an enlightening system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of your life.

How long and how many times a week is a typical session?

Sessions are usually 60 minutes. Most clients are seen once or twice a week at the beginning, then, as time goes on, less frequently. The number of sessions depends on what your current needs are.

What is healing Art?

A healing Journey that combines both your creative impulses and your body's innate wisdom to heal guided by my love and dedication for guiding you to your true self and aid you in uncovering your soul's longing and your God given gifts. 

What is the Difference between the Helen's "healing Art" method and "Art therapy"?

Art Therapy is 'the therapeutic application of image making, releasing the unconscious by means of spontaneous art expression'.  It is usually done by an Art Therapist  with a post graduate degree who already posses an undergraduate degree in related subjects, usually fine arts(Naumberg in Ulman, 2001: 17)

The "Healing through Art" method is a sacred space container created by the watchful eye of the healer.  At Helen's healing art studio, you will be able to silence the mind and surrender to your body's ability to express the soul's needs and longings...using color and different Medium to release the emotions and fears that were once trapped in your cells causing many of our current ailments and psychological wounding.  It is a method that I instinctively developed during my own healing journey.  Being an artist with a BS degree in visual arts and a highly qualified and Gifted healer, I am able to guide you in discovering your own soul's inner landscape and interpret the language of your inner being.

Can I just have an energy healing session only without the Artistic expression, I do not like to Draw?

Yes you can! I offer 'hands on healing' and Distant healing sessions as well without the use of the Art studio. These sessions are done in a very comfortable and private atmosphere fully clothed and with the use of soothing music if needed.
Art is just another healing Tool that is offered if you choose to use it.
However, I recommend you try it once at least, you will be surprised at the outcome;-)

How are children treated and what is the age limit?

There is no age limit and I sometimes treat infants that are still in their mother's womb.
Any child under the age of 18 however should be accompanied by his/her Mother.  sessions are catered to the child's needs and abilities in terms of communication and self expression...Usually two to three sessions are mainly focused around acquiring their confidence and studying their habits and defenses.  Then comes the creative precess of inner self expression and from that the sessions take on a tailored creative way of healing that respects their boundaries and addresses their issues in an effortless way that involves playfulness, creativity and loads of love and dedication...

How much are your Fees and do you take insurance?

The fee depends on the kind of service you request. Usually I charge  750SR for the first visit which takes 11/2 hrs and the rest of the sessions are 550SR each.  There is a 30 minutes free consultation either by phone or skype for any additional inquiries you may need before the sessions. 
As for the Healing Art classes, I charge 6,200SR for all twelve sessions including a1/2 hr interview session at the beginning and a 1 hr healing session at the completion of  the full 12 sessions.

I do not accept any insurance.  
All Payments are made cash, through Pay pal or to my account.

Do you provide medications and can I discontinue  taking my medications once I feel better?

As a healer, I am not legally allowed to prescribe medications. However, based on a joint assessment of problems you are facing, it may be advisable to consult with a psychiatrist to determine whether medication is warranted. Typically, clients see someone under their health insurance coverage or we can refer you to a psychiatrist. 

All medications given by your doctor must not be discontinued even if you feel better.   Only your Doctor following your case should be the one to judge whether you still need your medication  or not.

The healing Art Studio

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